Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (“EFT”) is a modality of couples therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Based on attachment theory and the work of John Bowlby, Salvador Minuchin and Carl Rogers, EFT helps couples understand how adult love and adult relationships function and flourish.

EFT is the most rigorously researched modality of couples therapy. More than 16 published research studies empirically prove EFT to be the most effective of all the couples therapies and the modality with the longest lasting results. Ninety percent of distressed couples undergoing EFT therapy report dramatic improvement in the overall satisfaction in their relationship. More than 7 out of 10 couples report complete recovery from distress. For a summary of EFT research and articles, click here.

EFT identifies distress in a relationship as the result of a threat or rupture of the emotional bond or “connection” between partners. When this occurs, couples are left with coping mechanisms that throw them into a negative cycle or “dance” that highjacks the relationship and results emotional distance between the couple. Negative cycles often result in expressions of frustration, resentment, criticism and anger.

EFT helps couples identify and understand the choreography of the negative cycle that drives them apart and blocks the free flow of love, understanding and empathy between them. Once the “cycle” is clearly mapped out and understood, EFT therapists help couples correctly identify each other’s emotional cues, safely and effectively express their needs, and ultimately discover a new way of reinforcing and strengthening the kind of secure emotional bond we all long for.

EFT transforms relationships and helps couples understand love and each other with empathy, understanding and love.

EFT works!