Registration for EFiT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals), Level 2

Registration is completed upon receipt of payment


  • Agreement

    Please check the boxes below:
  • I have the educational training, qualifications, and professional credentials to practice as a mental health professional or counsellor in the area where I live or I am in a formal training program or supervised internship to become a mental health professional. Note: Local trainers can, at their discretion, add specificity to or verify these credentials.
  • I agree to keep confidential the personal identifying information of case material shared in the training. If I recognize someone in a video I will excuse myself from that part of the training.
  • I agree to not record any part of this training in any format (audio, video, or visual). Personal written notes of non-confidential material are permitted.
  • I agree to join this online training from a secure location in my home or office. I will maintain the confidentiality of this session by preventing others from viewing my screen and listening to the audio