CORE SKILLS #2 in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: 12 CE credits

Core Skills is the second training required for Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Certification. Core Skills is divided into four separate weekend trainings spread out throughout a year. The four modules (CS #1-#4), are designed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of and proficiency in the application of the EFT model. CS #2 focuses on Step 3 (De-escalation).

Training appropriate for Ph.D.s, Psy.D.s, LMFTs, LCSWs and LPCs.

Joe X. Cantu, MA MFT is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer. Joe received a B.A. from Southern Methodist University and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. Joe specializes in working with couples and individuals and maintains his practice in Austin, Texas. Joe is bilingual and was instrumental in bringing Emotionally Focused Therapy to Mexico, Central America, South America and Spain.

Learning Objectives


  • Differentiate between vulnerable (primary) and reactive (secondary) emotions.
  • Identify vulnerable emotions underlying reactive feelings and behaviors.
  • Utilize EFT interventions to access vulnerable emotions.
  • Extrapolate “handles/doorways” to deepen emotion during sessions.
  • Demonstrate ability to deepen emotion using Deepening Ladder technique.
  • Name the Basic Moves of the EFT Tango.
  • Trace the couple’s negative cycle including both reactive and vulnerable emotions.
  • Execute all 5 moves of the EFT Tango.
  • Create safe and secure bonding events for partners in a couple.

(Central Time)

DAY #1

9:00-10:00                      Review The EFT Cycle

10:00-10:30                    Vulnerable Emotions

10:30-10:45                    Break

10:45-11:15                    Deepening Essentials

11:15-12:00                    Role Play – Finding Doorways to Vulnerable Emotions


12:00-1:00                      Lunch


1:00-2:00                        Granularity

2:00-3:00                        Exercise “Granularity”

3:00-3:15                        Break

3:15-3:30                        Deepening Ladde

3:30-4:30                        Role Play Deepening


DAY #2

9:00-9:30                        EFT Tango

9:30-10:00                      Enactments

10:00-10:30                    Role Play Enactments

10:30-10:45                    Break

10:45-11:45                    Roleplay EFT Tango with Enactments

11:45-12:00                    Q&A


12:00-1:00                      Lunch


1:00-2:00                        Review of Steps 1, 2 and 3

2:00:3:00                        Role Play Enactment, Tying Bow and Crossing Over

3:00-3:15                        Break

3:15-3:30                        Resistance to Enactments

3:30-4:30                        Role Play EFT Tango and Resistance to Enactments

12 CE Hours Available
through R. Cassidy Seminars

There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.